Highlights of September 2016

September was a busy month – teaching a WPF training, a ASP.NET Core training, and giving two presentations at BASTA! .NET Core and UWP.

What happened else? Some great announcements happened in September: .NET Core 1.0.1 is available, TypeScript 2.0 is released, and Angular 2 is final!

Let’s get into more details.

"Steering Wheel"

Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0

With my newest book I’ve updated the code samples to .NET Core 1.0.1. I’m also in the process working through the samples and marking all the samples that not only run on Windows, but on Linux as well.
See GitHub Professional C# 6 Source Code for the progress.

Professional C# 6

Professional C# 6 has been iProgrammer’s book of the week: Book of the Week

Universal Windows Platform

I’ve done a few posts about the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), such as:

Navigation within Apps

How the navigation between different UWP apps is done is shown in

Navigation within Apps.

Menus and toolbars as have been a requirement in previous Windows editions is no longer necessary, also the Windows 8 app requirement to not shoow navigation elements on the screen (without user interaction to navigate) is gone. The apps are a lot more flexible today, and different apps have different navigation mechanisms as shown.

Hamburger Button and SplitView

A concrete example how to create a Hamburger button, toggle a SplitView, and use the AdaptiveTrigger for different Window sizes is explained in

Hamburger Button and SplitView

Source code has been added to More Samples.


BASTA! 2016 in Mainz was a great conference. Adding some expressions here.

Adaptive Layout

.NET Core

Mainz Hbf

After BASTA! is before BASTA!. Next BASTA! takes place Feb 20-24 in Frankfurt BASTA!

More News

Some more news on .NET Core, Docker, Microsoft Azure, and more:

.NET Core

How to implement seeding, custom conventions, and interceptors with EF Core

.NET Standard 2.0 makes porting to .NET Core easier: .NET Standard 2.0

Bug fixes with .NET Core 1.0.1: .NET Core 1.0.1 is available

Step by step on using ASP.NET Core with Docker: ASP.NET Core on Docker

WebSockets, DI improvements, ViewComponents as Tag Helpers, improved Azure integration with ASP.NET Core 1.1.
WebSockets, SignalR, View Pages, Web API Security, View precompilation with ASP.NET Core 1.2.
ASP.NET Core Roadmap


Commercial Partnership – Microsoft and Docker

Step by step: ASP.NET Core on Docker

Microsoft Azure

Azure Command-Line Interface

Account mess between Microsoft accounts and Azure AD will be cleaned up: Cleaning up AzureAD and Microsoft account overlap


TypeScript 2.0 is released – with simplified declaration file acquisition, non-nullable types, control flow analyzed types, the readonly modifier: TypeScript 2.0

Angular 2 is final as well: Angular 2 is final


Looking forward to a great October 2016.

Have fun with programming and learning!


Links to images used:

© Scorpionpl | Dreamstime.com – Steering wheel


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