October was another great month. Probably the hottest news have been the announcements from Microsoft on Oct, 26th, but there was much more! Link in the previous months, I’m collecting the highlights of October 2016.

Let’s get into more details on C# 7.0, .NET Core, my new Website, and more.

Computer Cogs

C# 7.0

The release of C# 7.0 is coming (it just takes a few months until the release) – and I’ve written a few blog posts on C# 7.0:

Binary literals and digit separators – syntax sugar with C# 7.0, but it makes the code a lot more readable:

C# 7.0 Binary Literals and Digit Separators

After tuples made it into .NET Framework 4.0, now C# gets a syntax enhancement to support tuples natively – and a new value-based tuple type is available:

Tuples with C# 7.0

Entity Framework Core

A blog article about Entity Framework Core – how to define Table per Hierarchy (TPH):

Entity Framework Core – Table per Hierarchy

Expect some more articles about EF Core – some are already in the queue waiting to be made public 🙂 EF Core

New Website

My new Website is online! Of course this version was created with ASP.NET Core. A blog article gives more details:

My new Website is ONLINE!


You can still register for my WPF workshop in December – and of course arranging company-based workshops according your needs for UWP, WPF, .NET Core, EF Core, C# 7.0, ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, and more is always possible.

WPF Workshop

Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0

Source code for my book Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0 is updated, and additional samples available:

See GitHub Professional C# 6 Source Code for the updated source code of the book and additional samples at More Samples

Professional C# 6

More news

More news from other sources coming here:

.NET Core

.NET Core 1.1 Preview 1 is available!

Running .NET Core app in Docker container

.NET Standard makes it easier to use libraries across different frameworks. Here’s a FAQ on .NET Standard

Hosting .NET Core Services on Service Fabric

Visual Studio

Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 is available – with C# 7.0


Storing and using Secrets in Azure

Hosting .NET Core Services on Service Fabric


Aurelia in VS Code Plugin

Speech Recognition

Historic achievement: Microsoft researchers reach human parity in conversational speech recognition Speech recognition

Microsoft Event Announcements

On Oct, 26th Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Creators update, and more:

  • 3D for everyone
  • MyPeople – a Faster way to connect and share
  • Beam is builtin – broadcast a gameplay
  • Office apps support 3D models
  • VR headsets from HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, Acer
  • a new Surface Book, doubles graphic power, 16 hours battery life
  • Dolby Atmos coming with Windows 10 Update for Xbox One
  • Surface Studio, the thinnest 28″ LCD with impressive specs and touch
  • Surface Dial, a new form of input

Empowering a new wave of creativity with the Windows 10 Creators Update and Surface Studio

introducing 3D for everyone

Ten things announced

Developer Perspective on 3D, Surface Dial

Surface Dial interactions


A quote from me from a Facebook discussion:

“JSON is more like C# curly brackets while XML is like VB with Begin/End”, Christian Nagel, Oct-2016


Looking forward to a great November 2016!

Don’t miss thee next Connect(); event is November 16th and 17th:
Developer event Connect(); 2016

Have fun with programming and learning!


Image © Cammeraydave | Dreamstime.com – Computer Cogs Technology Banner Background Photo


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