Time is running. In special I can see this how my children grow. November-2016 passed by, and it was a great month. From a technology standpoint the best news have been coming from Microsoft’s Connect event.

Let’s get into more details on Entity Framework Core, Hour of Code, updates to Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0, Visual Studio 2017, .NET Standard 2.0, MVVM and WPF trainings, and more.

Network Links

Entity Framework Core

In November I’ve written a few articles about Entity Framework Core:

Entity Framework Core makes it easy with unit testing

Mapping to Getter-only Properties

This is a feature only available with EF Core 1.1.

See more articles on EF Core

Universal Windows Platform

See my article on deep linking with UWP, a feature to offer deep links within apps.

Hour of Code

Most Hour of Code sessions will start in December. I already had my (two hours), because in the Hour of Code week I’m teaching another workshop. The children from the Volksschule St. Raphael had a lot fun programming Minecraft and Star Wars. They can now continue this in the classroom where they have 2 PCs for the children.


In November I was teaching a workshop with EF Core. Currently I don’t have a guaranteed date for such an open course, but a company based workshop can be always arranged 🙂

I December I’m giving open courses on programming with the MVVM Pattern, and Programming Desktop Applications with WPF.

Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0

With the announcements on Visual Studio 2017, I’m updating the project files to the new .csproj format for the book samples. Be ware that the samples using the new project file are within the vs2017 branch Professional C# 6 Source Code Samples with MSBuild. Not all the samples are updated yet for Visual Studio 2017, but the list is growing.

The book also got a new review from Matteo Emili

Windows 10 3D

End of October, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Creators update with 3D, Surface Studio, Dial, and more. I’m already testing Paint 3D and I’m surprised how easy it is to create nice looking 3D models. To make the HoloLens and other upcoming 3D devices a really huge success, it helps if everyone can make 3D models. With Windows 10 this seems to be possible.

MVP Summit

In November I attended the MVP Summit in Bellevue/Redmond. This was a great week where I can’t talk about the content, but I can share a few pictures.

My book Professional C# 6 at Barnes & Noble

This is what an MVP looks like with Toni Pohl and Martina Grom.

I enjoyed testing the Surface Studio in the Microsoft Store in Bellevue. This is really a great device – both from the specs as well as with hands-on.

More News

More news from other sources coming here:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Pffice 365. I’m hoping for extensions to include external users, as my company internal users are not enough yet for Microsoft Teams.

Visual Studio

Docker is greatly integrated in Visual Studio 2017: Using Docker with Visual Studio 2017

Productivity Enhancements in Visual Studio 2017 with Intellisense filtering, Match highlighting, better IntelliSense behaviors, coding convention with .editorconfig, Structure Visualizer, and more!

Visual Studio is now available for the Mac! It’s not the full Visual Studio for Windows, it’s also not just the Xamarin Studio renamed, you can use it to create ASP.NET Core and Xamarin applications! Visual Studio for Mac

Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform

The UWP Community Toolkit has a new release – with master/detail views, many helpers such as HttpHelper, PrintHelper, DisptacherHelper, DeepLinkHelper, WebViewExtensions, SystemInformation, as well as updates and bug fixes.

Expecting a new design language from Microsoft, Project NEON bridges holographic and AR: UX maps to a physical world with textures, 3D…

3D made easy with Windows 10

A Unified Update Platform (UUP) is coming to Windows 10 after the Windows 10 Creator’s update

.NET Standard and .NET Core

.NET Core 1.1 implementing .NET Standard 1.6 is released – with 1380 new APIs

Entity Framework Core 1.1 is released – with better LINQ translation, DbSet.Find, mapping to fields (see my blog article), and more.

.NET Core running on Tizen, .NET Core with ARM, running on Samsung devices

[The Alpha Version of MSBuild-based dotnet Tools is available](https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2016/11/16/announcing-net-core-tools-msbuild-alpha/ “MSBuild-based dotnet Tools). Be aware – it’s an Alpha version, not a Beta. I’m having some issues, but I’m updating the project files for my Professional C# 6 book as previously mentioned.

A faster lower allocation stream stack previously known as channels from Tim Seaward: Pipelines

How .NET Standard 2.0 makes reuse easier from Immo Landwerth


Bearer token authentication in ASP.NET Core

Mobile Apps

The mission control for Mobile Apps: Visual Studio Mobile Center in preview


Looking forward to a great December 2016!

I’m running two open workshops in Vienna:

MVVM Pattern

Programming Desktop Applications with WPF

Have fun with programming and learning!


Image © Mopic | Dreamstime.com – Network Abstract


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Highlights of September 2016

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