Highlights of August 2016

After the highlights of July-2016, this is the second summary of the month. Again I’ll try to summarize my blog posts and twitter tweets from the previous month – things that have been important for me, and are probably important for you as well – with many links for more information – covering my book Professional C# 6 and .NET Core, .NET Core, UWP, Microsoft Azure, and more.


Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0

My newest book, Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0 is now released since a few months. More and more great reviews are coming at Amazon, such as “As a professional software developer in the modern app-world, this book is a must read.” from Tony Pohl. Tony Pohl mentions:

  • It’s cool that both sides, the traditional .NET Framework as well as the new multi-platform open-source framework .NET Core are represented in this book
  • Whether you want to learn about WPF and the Universal Windows Platform or Web applications and Web services, you find these topics covered in that book
  • to work with that new technologies in real life scenarios
  • I really appreciate that the author updates the samples on his GitHub repository
  • As a professional software developer in the modern app-world, this book is a must read.

And from Martin F. (from Amazon.de)

  • Klasse Buch mit umfangreichen Codebeispielen von einem Autor, der wirklich weiß, wovon er schreibt
  • Ich war wirklich beindruckt von dem breiten Gesamtwissen über .NET, .NET Core und C#
  • Das Live „Sample Coding“ hat mich auch beindruckt
  • Sämtliche Codebeispiele sind sauber über ein Github Repository gepflegt und werden ständig erweitert
  • Dieses Buch ist zukünftigt definitiv die 1. Wahl, wenn ich mal nicht weiter weiß oder neue Technolgien/Features einsetzen möchte

If you don’t have the book yet – you should get it 🙂
If you already own the book, I hope you enjoy it. It would be great to see another review 🙂

What’s in there for WPF Developers

What’s in there for UWP Developers

What’s in there for ASP.NET Core Web Developers

I added additional samples at GitHub – check it out.

Also, check the Book Updates for errors and updates I found.

Professional C# 6

.NET Core

In August I’ve written some more blog posts about features from .NET Core.

.NET Core Dependency Injection with Configuration

This is another article on my .NET Core dependency injection series – this time the DI sample is changed to initialize the service by using configuration values from configuration files:

.NET Core Dependency Injection with Configuration

Self-Contained .NET Core Applications

Distributing .NET Core applications gives several options. .NET Core applications can be deployed portable or self-contained. Portable applications require the .NET runtime to be installed on the target system. With self-contained applications, the runtime is delivered with the application. How this can be done is explained in this article:

Self-Contained .NET Core Application

Configuration with .NET Core

.NET Core gives a new framework that allows accessing configuration values from different sources, e.g. from JSON files, XML files, INI files, environmental variables, and more. This is covered in this blog article:

Configuration with .NET Core

Universal Windows Platform

Ink and the UWP Community Toolkit are highlights of UWP in August, but there’s more.

Dog with Ink

ListView Grouping with UWP

Grouping a list using ListView and CollectionViewSource with UWP apps is explained in

ListView Grouping with UWP

UWP Community Toolkit – What’s in there

The great UWP Community Toolkit is introduced in

UWP Community Toolkit – what’s in there

Problems using .NET Core with UWP?

You can get many compilation errors adding .NET Core libraries to a UWP project. Here is the information how you can fix it.

Problems using .NET Core with UWP?

Using InkToolbar and InkCanvas with UWP

The Anniversary edition of Windows 10 received great updates for ink. This blog article demonstrates using the InkToolbar control.

Using InkToolbar and InkCanvas with UWP

Conferences and Trainings

In September I’m speaking at the BASTA! in Mainz. You can still get a discount attending BASTA! in Mainz, where I have two presentations – about .NET Core and UWP!

Basta! 2016 Mainz

In September I also have some open workshops with guaranteed dates:

ASP.NET Core Websites and Services

Creating Desktop Applications with WPF

More News

Some more news on .NET Core, C# 7, Visual Studio “15”, UWP, Microsoft Azure, and more:

.NET Core and .NET Framework

In a future release, the Channels API aims to replace streams:


The .NET API Data Catalog makes it easier to find what APIs are available with which .NET technology:

.NET API Catalog

What’s new in .NET 4.6.2 with BCL, CLR, ClickOnce, ASP.NET, SQL, WPF, WCF…

Announcing .NET Framework 4.6.2

C# 7.0 and Visual Studio “15” Preview 4

A small sample with all the code features that work in Visual Studio “15” Preview 4:

New C# 7.0 features in Visual Studio “15” Preview 4

What’s new in C# 7.0 by Mads Torgersen with binary literals, digit sepearators, deconstruction, tuples, patterns:

What’s new in C# 7.0

Visual Studio “15” has a new installation experience:

Visual Studio “15” Preview 4


How to make apps more beautiful using Windows.UI.Composition and define light points, shadows, backdrop brushes, and more:

Using Windows.UI.Composition

The Windows Ink Platform (DirectInk) defines two types of ink: wet ink and dry ink. Here it’s explained how to use dry ink with Win2D:

Using the InkToolbar with Custom Dry Ink

With the new InkToolbar a custom ruler can be used:

Creating a Custom Ruler with DirectInk

Submitting UWP Apps to XBox One:

New Dev Center Capabilities


HockeyApp and Application Insights in combination with the Bridge App:

Exploring HockeyApp data in Application insights: introducing the Bridge App

Make it easy to use Azure Search with data from Blob and Table Storage with Portal support:

Portal support for Azure Search blob and table indexers now in preview

How to use connection strings with .NET Core and Azure:

Working with Azure App Services Application Settings and Connection Strings in ASP.NET Core


While these all have been great highlights on .NET Core and UWP, I had a different highlight – my daughter Katharina was born in August 🙂

Looking forware to a great September 2016.

Have fun with programming and learning!


Links to images used:

© Olena Golubova | Dreamstime.com – Wrench tools in shop

© Damedeeso | Dreamstime Painter artist dog


Highlights of July-2016


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