BASTA! 2016 in Mainz

September, 20th I’m back at BASTA! in Mainz, Germany – this time with two presentations. One is about adaptive layouts with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), one about features of .NET Core and CLI – two of my hot topics during this time 🙂


Adaptive Layouts

Your UWP app runs on different devices, using the PC, Xbox, the Surface Hub, and probably (not so likely) the Windows Phone. You need to deal with different resolutions, different distances to the screen… Here you learn using the RelativePanel, adaptive triggers, and more.

Adaptive Layouts

.NET Core and CLI

.NET Core starts a new world for .NET. Here you learn the advantages and disadvantages of .NET Core, base functionality, how you can use it today not only by creating new applications but also by enhancing existing ones, and more – including upcoming changes.

Vorteile von .NET Core und CLI


You can register for BASTA! at For a discount enter this code basta_cn.

More information

What is .NET Core

Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0

Christian Nagel’s Trainings

Have fun learning and programming!



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