Next Conferences 2018/2019

In December I’m speaking in the lovely city Ljubljana in Slovenia – taking C# and Blazor with me. Next year I’m again speaking at the BASTA! conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the next months I’m speaking at conferences in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Frankfurt, Germany – taking C# and Blazor with me.


Thrive in Ljulbljana, Slovenia

In December I’m speaking at the Thrive conference in Slovenia – December 3rd-December, 5th.

Here’s some information on Slovenia. The conference is taking place in the beautiful city Ljubljana, so you probably should extend your stay, not just for the conference.

With the conference, many Microsoft MVPs are speaking there! Great content for developers, SharePoint, Exchange, AI, and more!

I’ll have 2 exciting sessions about C#, and Blazor!

Thrive 2018

C# 7.x What’s new and what’s coming with C# 8

After C# 7.0 was released, already versions 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 have been released. The main topics with C# 7 have been tuples and pattern matching, and C# 8 plans non nullable reference types, extensions to pattern matching, ranges, and more. I’m talking about the major features how C# improves.

Blazor – the new Silverlight?

With WebAssembly we’ll see a new generation of Web applications coming – running binary code in the browser. WebAssembly is supported by all modern browsers. WebAssembly is in it’s beginning as MVP (Minimum Valuable Product). With this, it’s already impressive what can be done – using C# code and running .NET libraries in the browser. Here you’ll get an introduction of WebAssembly, and how this technology is used with Blazor – using syntax you know from Razor Pages.

Are you interested coming to Slovenia? With the discount code NAG20 you get 20% discount on the regular price!

BASTA! in Frankfurt, Germany

In Frankfurt (25-Feb-2019 to 1-Mar-2019) I have at least three talks – with C# and adaptive cards.

C# What’s next

C# updates are now delivered with point releases. After C# 7.0, C# was enhanced every few months with C# 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 including new features for tuples and enhancements to the reference semantics. C# 8 has many small enhancements and a few very big ones. Examples of small features are alternative interpolated verbatim strings and relax ordering of ref and partial modifiers. A big enhancement is C#’s try to get rid of NullReferenceException, the most common exception. Reference types will be not-nullable by default.
In this session you’re introduced to the latest changes with C# and the expected features of C# 8 such as nullable reference types, ranges, recursive patterns, ranges, and async streams.

Reference Semantics with C# and .NET Core

C# 7.x has great enhancements using the ref modifier not only with parameters but also with return types, and local variables. A struct can now be declared with the ref modifier as well. .NET Core 2.1 includes the new Span type. What this all means, and how it is used with .NET Core is covered in this session.

Adaptive Cards – User Interfaces with JSON

Using adaptive cards, you can create cards with JSON syntax and include these cards not only with HTML clients, but also with WPF, UWP, Xamarin, and chat bots. This session introduces you to the concepts of adaptive cards, and how to use it with different application technologies.

Enjoy learning and programming!



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