Presentations and Source Code for BASTA! in Mainz, 2018

I had some great days at BASTA! in Mainz, Germany – with three presentations. Thank you for attending my presentations! I hope to see you next year again! My presentations and source code is now available for download!

  • C# – What’s next?
  • Reference semantics with C# and .NET Core
  • Desktop Bridge – One way to build modern apps with WPF


C# – What’s next?

With C# – What’s next? I started covering new features of C# available with C# 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3, and explained features planned for C# 8 such as

  • nullable reference types
  • async streams
  • ranges
  • records
  • default interface methods
  • recursive patterns

and more. However, be aware – with C# 8 still everything can change.

Also read my blog articles covering some features of C# 8!

Reference Semantics with C# and .NET Core

C# 7.x had some enhancements for returning value types with ref return and ref local, guaranteeing structs to be readonly with readonly struct, offering stack-only types with ref struct, and more. In this presentation I covered the Span type, and the advantages you get from these features. With .NET Core 2.1, the string type received performance improvements, stream libraries have additional overloads, and I also covered System.IO.Pipelines.

Desktop Bridge – One way to build modern apps with WPF

What’s the best way going forward with WPF? Here you’ve seen the advantages of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), why MVVM and dependency injection is so useful, and how you can move your WPF applications to new modern features using not only the desktop bridge, but also XAML islands, and .NET Core 3.0.

I’m working on a blog article series to help you going forward with XAML on the desktop. The first article in this series is available later today!

The source code for the samples is available at GitHub!


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