C# 7.0 and the Universal Windows Platform in Brno and in Bratislava

Next week I’m on a city tour from Brno (Czech Republic) to Bratislava (Slovakia) – speaking at the conferences G2B TechEd and Show IT. I’m having the same two presentations at these two events: C# 7.0, What’s new? and Creating Desktop Applications with the Universal Windows Platform. This will be a great week!

C# 7.0 – What’s new?

A lot is new with C# 7.0. I’m showing features such as pattern matching, tuples, expression bodied members, out vars, ref returns, and more. I’m also discussing the directions and goals of C#.

Creating Desktop Applications with the Universal Windows Platform

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) gains attraction developing data-driven business applications. I’m showing an easy way to migrate from WPF to UWP with the MVVM pattern and a dependency injection container, and take advantage of UWP features such as compiled binding, and controls such as the RelativePanel and SplitView.

Check this blog article later on for slide and code downloads.

Looking forward to these events!


[Update] Code samples and slide decks:

G2B TechEd, Brno

Show IT, Bratislava

More Information

G2B TechEd

Show IT

More information about C# and UWP is available in my new book and my workshops:

Professional C# 6 and .NET Core 1.0

Christian Nagel’s Workshops




© Tomas1111 | Dreamstime.com Bratislava, Slovakia

© Olga Langerova | Dreamstime.com Fireworks over Brno


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