Slide and Source Code for BASTA! Frankfurt, 2019

I had some great days at BASTA! Spring in Frankfurt – with three presentations. Thank you for joining! My presentations and source code are available for download!

The topics I talked about:

  • C# – What’s next?
  • Reference semantics with C# and .NET Core
  • Adaptive cards – user interfaces with JSON


C# – What’s next

Since C# 7.0 we received several point releases with small but nice features with C# 7.1, C# 7.2, and C# 7.3. After covering new features of the point releases, the big focus in this presentation was C# 8.0 with async streams, indexes and ranges, patterns extended and the nullable reference types.

C# What’s next on SlideShare

Also read my blog article on new C# 8 features:

Reference Semantics with C# and .NET Core

Performance is an important aspect of .NET Core. New language features of C# 7.x allow returning value types by reference, having local references, defining structs that can only be stored on the stack, and more – all without creating unsafe code. In this session I’ve explained the new language features, and how they led to improvements in .NET libraries and frameworks.

Reference Semantics on Slideshare

See also my blog article on array pools:

Adaptive Cards – User Interfaces with JSON

My third presentation at BAST! was about adaptive cards. With the XAML-based applications I’m creating, I try to reuse as much code as possible. Services and view-models are put in a .NET Standard library, and thus the same libraries can be reused across different technologies. Using adaptive cards it’s possible to reuse user interface elements. Not the complete user interface, but cards. Many applications make use of cards in some form. With adaptive cards it’s possible to create cards in the JSON format and reuse these cards on different platforms with renderers for every platform. See Adaptive Cards fir samples, the card schema, a designer, and documentation, and renderers available for different platform. The source code for adaptive cards and renderers is available on GitHub – AdaptiveCards.

Adaptive Cards on SlideShare

The source code for all the samples is available in my BASTA! Frankfurt repository on GitHub!

Read my book Professional C# 7 and . NET Core 2.0 on features of C# 7.

Probably you’ve also interest attending one of my .NET Core / ASP.NET Core / UWP / WPF / Azure / Xamarin workshops. For a company-based workshop, content can be completely adapted to your needs.

Enjoy learning and programming!

The next conference I’m talking at is the TechConference in Vienna:

  • Making Desktop Apps modern – WPF and UWP
  • ASP.NET Core 3.0 – what’s new?
  • Docker for Developers
  • From Development to Deployment: Azure DevOps
  • Click the button – Azure IoT

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