Slides and Source Code for Thrive Conference in Ljubljana, 2018

I had some great days at Thrive in Ljubljana, Slovenia – with two presentations. Thank you for joining! Thanks for the organization of the great event in this beautiful city. My presentations and source code are now available for download!

  • Blazor – The New Silverlight?
  • C# 7.x What’s new and what’s coming with C# 8


Blazor – The New Silverlight?

WebAssembly is a new Web Standard for portable code that runs in the browser. Blazor is a Microsoft Project where you can write C# and ASP.NET Core Razor code – making use of WebAssembly. In this session you are invited to start the journey to a new world, a world that can change programming for the Web in the years to come.

With the Blazor presentation I’ve covered:

  • Intro to WebAssembly – features and use cases
  • Intro to Blazor
  • Creating Blazor Apps
  • What’s behind the scenes
  • Dependency Injection in Blazor
  • Razor Pages
  • Creating Blazor Components
  • WebAssembly alternatives for .NET
  • Razor Components

Blazor slides are available at SlideShare

Also read my blog article how to host Blazor with Azure Storage, and access Azure Functions via the HttpClient:

C# 7.x What’s new and what’s coming with C# 8

With C# – What’s next? I started explaining the goals and directions of C#, covering features of C# 7 including the newer versions 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3, and explained new features coming with C# 8 using Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1. Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1 was just on time. I’ve downloaded it in the hotel network just the evening before my session.

Here is a list of language features covered:

  • C# 7
    • tuples
    • deconstruction
    • pattern matching
    • expressions everywhere
    • reference semantics
  • C# 8
    • nullable reference types
    • async streams
    • ranges
    • default interface methods

C# 7 and 8 slides are available at SlideShare

Also read my blog articles covering features of C# 8!

The source code for all the samples is available in my Thrive repository on GitHub!

Read my book Professional C# 7 and . NET Core 2.0 on features of C# 7. You’ll also find Razor Pages in the book covering different variants with code-behind or having C# code in the cshtml file.

Probably you’ve also interest attending one of my .NET Core / ASP.NET Core / UWP / WPF / Azure / Xamarin workshops. For a company-based workshop, content can be completely adapted to your needs.

Enjoy learning and programming!


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